mood tee - calinY x Collom
calinY mood tee on model


mood tee - calinY x Collom

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"Life's a mood; let's paint a good one." -T. Collom
Hailing from Sacramento, California, Tim Collom is known for his wet on wet application of oil paint to create rich, expressive strokes of color on canvasses big and small. From bright landscapes, to day to day life, to various animals - you can find Tim's positive and upbeat art in over 75 collections within California (and also on the walls of calinY's headquarters in New York). 
When we threw a graphic hat and our trademark script on one of Tim's cows that never takes its eyes off of you, we were hesitant to potentially desecrate a masterpiece. But then, Tim replied emphatically: "That's sick!"
And a collaboration was born.