Fresh out-of-the-box kicks.
Fire memes.
Songs you forgot slapped.
Swipes you didn't expect to match.
Day one group texts.
Acts of kindness you didn't see coming.
On-time subways.
Late night California burritos.
Drinks in cans.
Landings that are stuck.
Its that are nailed.
We like these things, too.
We are calinY.


Please email us at support@caliny.com for any issues (big or small). We are here to help.

Need a DJ? Are a DJ?

We at calinY are avid supporters of turntabilist and DJ culture. If you need someone to create a good atmosphere for your next event, or otherwise just want to cut with us, let us know! Email us at music@caliny.com

But would you invite us to your birthday party?

If this is a team you would want to be a part of, have a thought to share or just want to say hello, email us at team@caliny.com. We want to hear from you!