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Who are we?

Our Take on Streetwear
To us, streetwear is analogous to street food - chopping up and remixing simple ingredients in original ways in aims of providing authentic flavors reflective of the locale in which they were produced. With roots in California that have flowered in New York, we set out on this journey to spread positive creative culture and build a company that everyone could look forward to being a part of every day. Care to come along for the ride? Email us at


Any issues (big or small), let us know! Email us at
calinY Family Pic
Fresh out-of-the-box kicks.
Fire memes.
Songs you forgot slapped.
Swipes you didn't expect to match.
Day one group texts.
Acts of kindness you didn't see coming.
On-time subways.
Late night California burritos.
Drinks in cans.
Landings that are stuck.
Its that are nailed.
We like these things, too.
We are calinY.