Our Story

Established in 2018, calinY took its first steps in the heart of Northern California - the Bay. A year later the team migrated to Brooklyn, New York. Mixing the laid back culture of California with the uptempo lifestyle of New York City. calinY was born…

calinY tells the story of creative individuals such as dancers, DJs, and more through unique, limited edition streetwear. With a diverse founding team of creatives by trade, the brand’s vision blends the legendary cultures of California and New York, making “Cali - NY” truly streetwear for the creative soul.

Care to come along for the ride? Email us at team@calinY.com.


Any issues (big or small), let us know! Email us at support@calinY.com  or text us at (833) 254-4764.
calinY Family Pic
Fresh out-of-the-box kicks.
Fire memes.
Songs you forgot slapped.
Swipes you didn't expect to match.
Day one group texts.
Acts of kindness you didn't see coming.
On-time subways.
Late night California burritos.
Drinks in cans.
Landings that are stuck.
Its that are nailed.
We like these things, too.
We are calinY.