calinY Reviews: Hawa's Island Coconut is New York's Best Smoothie

 caliny hawa island coconut smoothie

The word “smoothie” is defined as:

calinY smoothie definition

Now, if you are the first definition, we definitely want to meet you. However, this blahg post is to pay tribute to New York’s best smoothie (the other definition).

The cup of consumable liquid treasure we are bestowing the NY best smoothie crown upon is the Island Coconut at Hawa Smoothies & Bubble Tea – #47 on the menu, but #1 in our hearts.

Per the menu, this smoothie is “coconut meat, coconut water, cinnamon, date”, but we believe it is more aptly described as purified frozen cubes of CTC (aka, Cinnamon Toast Crunch for those who were cereally deprived as children) masterfully blended with the juice of ripened Nomanisanian coconuts and rays of tropical sunshine, and then finished with love from Grandma – you know, the one from the cookies.

There are a handful of of Hawas throughout the NY area, but we feel like the Downtown Brooklyn location makes it best:
To avoid rookie mistakes when ordering the best treat you will have all week, we suggest knowing the policies:
  1. It comes in one size (Hawa knows exactly how much you need).
  2. Cash only (save your bitcoin for speculative purposes).
  3. No refunds or exchanges (if you don’t like this smoothie, you should return or exchange your taste buds).

calinY smoothie rules

Finally, no great thing comes without a mystery. Somehow the purveyor of the Island Coconut has left this masterpiece unclaimed?!?!? But I guess we don’t know who Banksy really is, either.

calinY smoothie review 2

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  • Hello, I am the person as described in the first definition of “smoothie”. You are welcome to meet me. Currently residing in LA, but known to do meet and greets in Vegas as well. Guaranteed to replace Hawa as your best smoothie


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