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calinY - Ratlinks September

We return to your regularly scheduled programming with this September edition of Ratlinks - the monthly recap of things calinY guest blahger, Evan, found interesting. Take it away, Evan...

Well, here we are. 

It's September. 

Summer is coming to the close (if you are reading this in the northern hemisphere). 

We start this month off with Labor Day, which is a holiday created to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers. Yes, according to the internet that is the real meaning of labor day. 

Most importantly, Labor Day is officially the last day you can wear white for the year (calinY Snow White Cpiece not applicable). As a reader of Rat Links please be aware of this rule (and exception). If /when you see someone wearing white after Labor Day, feel free to stop them in your capacity as a citizen member of the fashion police and issue a citation, accordingly.


After reading Ken Langone's book last month. I started Ted Turner's Call Me, Ted, I highly recommend the audiobook which Ted narrates himself. 

I also started Tara Brach's Radical Acceptance. The first few chapters are helpful for learning to pause and reduce stress in your life. 

All the books I have read this year can be found here  



While on vacation in Vancouver, by chance my family stopped for dinner at a restaurant called Royal Dinette. The host was incredibly nice and, after seating us, began cleaning tables and sweeping the floor until the next guests walked in. Our waiter pointed out this woman, who was basically doing every job except for chef and waiter (duh), is Kaitlin Stewart and she is the #1 bartender in the world. You can read more about Kaitlyn Stewart here. Watching Kaitlyn work was really inspiring. Here was a woman who is Diago's #1 bartender, gets free first class flights around the world to teach bartending classes, but was humble enough to do any job that needed to be done in the restaurant.  Our cocktails were outstanding as one would expect - made with accuracy and precision. Simultaneously, shaking one and stirring the other. I consumed a campfire version of a Manhattan with a smokey bourbon and garnished with a toasted marshmallow. 

Watching Kailyn reminded me of a story by chef Grant Achatz of Alinea (detailed in his episode of Chef Table on Netflix) about meeting Thomas Keller (French Laundry) for the first time. When Grant walked in to inquire about a job he found a man sweeping the floor, only to learn that the man was Thomas Keller. He took the job because he found the head chef who ran a world-class restaurant to be an everyman - opposite of the tyrant French chef. 

In short, there are three months left in the year. As you make that push towards year end. Take pride in what you do, but put your ego aside. If you are willing to work hard and not let yourself be bigger than any task, eventually you will be recognized for your efforts. Who knows, someday maybe you too could be the #1 bartender in the world. 

¡Quédate sediento mis amigos! 


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