Ratlinks - July Edition feat. Trump Golf Stories

calinY Ratlinks July

Welcome back to the July edition of Ratlinks, the monthly recap of things calinY guest blahger, Evan, found interesting. Take it away, Evan...

As of today, we are halfway through the year already. 

Don't just marvel at how fast time moves, take action.

Right now, stop what you are doing. I mean right now. Not later, but now.

Take out some paper and divide it into two columns. Write the following: 
  1. What have you accomplished so far in 2018? 
  2. What do you want to accomplish the rest of the year? 
What have I accomplished in 2018
  • My wife and I had our first child, Ryan.
  • Ryan was named to Oprah's list of 50 cutest babies in America. 
  • I launched Ratlinks to help spread great content that might otherwise be overlooked in aims of stoking the creativity that everyone possesses and providing the launch pad for the next great conversation among friends.  
What am I looking to accomplish in the remainder of 2018?
  • Get Ryan named to Oprah Winfrey's list of 50 cutest babies in America (the Oprah mentioned above is our friend across the hall in 4Q)
  • I want to grow Ratlinks into a more widely circulated blog post, with a goal of reaching at least 500 readers monthly.

If you can help with either of these, please email me at theblahg@caliny.com.

And now, onto your regularly scheduled programming.


I really enjoyed The Third Door, which tells the story of a college dropout’s mission to meet Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and others. It is a great book on non-traditional ways to network.  


Postscript - Donald Trump and Golf (insert facepalm emoji)

Did you know Donald Trump cheats at golf? I was a lunch recently with some older gentleman who all previously played golf with Donald Trump:

  • 1st Gentleman: "I was playing $100 Nassau and Trump hit one into a creek. We all saw it splash. We got to the drop area when his caddy yelled out Mr. Trump I found your ball it bounced out and onto this bridge."
  • 2nd Gentleman: "You were lucky it was only a $100 game. I was playing a high stakes game with The Donald and I am down $5,000 going into 18. I decided to press and make it double or nothing.  Donald hits his first shot to the middle of the fairway. His second shot he skulls over the green and into a swamp. Relief washes over me. Quickly I learn I am not breaking even. Donald walks over the green, towards the swamp but stops, bends over and puts his hand into the cup picking up a ball. He turns to me and says found my ball, it was in the cup. Looks like you owe me $10,000 and walks off the green."  

Politics aside, no one likes anyone who cheats at golf. People will remember long after the round is over. I'd suggest you leave your foot wedge at home.

¡Quédate sediento mis amigos! 



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