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A good friend of the team recently reached out - "My son is turning 10, and each time one of the kids turns 10, they get their own trip with mom and dad. We are going to NYC - any suggestions?"

Our initial thoughts:

1) We found our winner for family of the year - what an incredible tradition!

2) Unless you are the yodeling kid from Walmart, not many of the music festivals or rooftop bars frequented during New York summers are very kid friendly.

So, below is what we came up with to assist in achieving that "World's Coolest Aunt/Uncle" title when the family comes to town...


  • Scott's Pizza Tour - There are 100s of opinions on the best New York slice, but it's pizza, so why not try them all? When we were kids we preferred our pizza with mechanical singing rats, but the kids today are more sophisticated, plus this is NYC and we keep it real (rats included).
  • Kellogg's Cereal Bar - In putting "cereal" and "bar" in a three word span, you think that we were picking this one for the grown-ups, but all ages can agree that stuffing as much cereal and toppings into one bowl at a flat price makes for exciting times. For those whose food is art, they have an instagram station (and we will deny that any suggestion to use the station for good selfie lighting came from us).
  •  If trying to reduce the steps the little buddies have to take to checkout NYC's unique eats, Smorgasburg  puts a myriad of vendors of all kinds of cuisine all in one place for you. There will be lines, but there is plenty of park space to roam around once you get your grub!
    • While you are there it may be checking out the Museum of Food and Drink - cool experience that doesn't take too much time to get through (sticking with the theme, here).

Best Views

  • NYC doesn't have Drake, but it does have views; Top of the Rock is our favorite.
  • 1 World Trade Center comes in as a close second, and it also has the fastest elevator we have ever been on. Time your elevator jump wisely! 


  • Baseball - It's summer and this is America. No links here, we are not getting into the Mets/Yankees debate, and figure you can find that on your own.
  • Bowling, golf, volleyball, rock climbing - Chelsea Piers has all the competitive activities you need to assert your dominance over your little buddy and bring his or her ego back down to earth. Also, for all you "Little League" parents out there, they have batting cages to ensure your that your child is still practicing more than little Benny who lives around the corner. 
  • Spyscape is NYC's premier spy museum offering cool spy history and activities to hone spy skills (sorry, there are no tips on how to improve social media creeping - that accidental like of a 42 week old pic will still be chronicled forever).
  • For those kids whose report cards end up on the fridge, we suggest the New York Hall of Science and the National Museum of Mathematics - don't hate we were mathletes once and "MOMATH" is by far our favorite hypocorism derived from smashing a long name together (sorry, DUMBO and TriBeCa).

Did we miss your favorite activity for the little cousins? Email us at: 

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