Introducing Ratlinks - June Edition

calinY Ratlinks

Here at calinY we are all about the good stuff - you know, the hot sauce of life that when sprinkled on top makes it all just that much better.  To help unearth some of these hidden gems professional content consumer, and calinY friend, Evan, will be offering monthly guidance on what the best of the digital world has to offer. So, take it away Evan...

Thanks, for the intro, but even though the days are getting longer, time is still short so let's get into it. 


I just finished the autobiography of Gucci Mane. If you like Atlanta rap (which you should) I'd recommend it. In the least, read chapter 13. Checkout the rest of the calinY bookshelf: 
Best of the Interweb

Life Update

To bring you up to speed, for all of 2018, I have been challenging myself to sit up, a lot. I hate these. So far, I have stuck with and it is starting to show (haaayyyy!). Look for me at your local pool party this summer ;) You can do it too, so here is your 4-Week Workout Plan to Get Cut for Summer. What is your personal challenge this year?


Did you know by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish? Do your part by cutting out your usage of plastic straws -

¡Quédate sediento mis amigos! 


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