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calinY music the list

Nothing brings people together like music. Hip-hop, R&B, reggae, old-school, new-school, dance, house, country - no matter what you call it, good beats cannot be denied. We like our music like our restaurants - diverse and full of flavor, constantly seeking what is new while returning to the classics that we love. 

Below are the 21 songs we are currently vibing to, which list will be updated monthly (so feel free to subscribe). Each update will be accompanied by a blahg post giving insight into the updates.  
What were we thinking?
  • We started with P-Lo (samesquad) who has been causing Bay Area traffic for awhile now (and is finally breaking on the national scene), but in teaming up with E-40 and B-Legit (Boy) the slap was guaranteed.
    • Can't mention E-40 and B-Legit without paying homage to The Click (Hurricane).
  • Unlike his recent comments, there isn't much controversy when it comes to whether Kanye West can still bring it in the studio; Yikes is an obvious choice from his latest release, but Ghost Town stole the show for us.
    • Ghost Town's features were dope. I am sure 070 will be on "the list" soon. @Kid Cudi (Pursuit of Happiness): you are also one of our favorite actors. @PND: Right Now should have received way more play. 
    • We will always miss the Old Kanye (Through the Wire).
      • Thinking of the Old Kanye made us miss the Old Wayne (Cannon).
  • In Psycho, we still think Post Malone (Rich & Sad) claims to have "diamonds by the bolo" - you can't tell us otherwise.
  • New York always has hits (A$SAP ForeverWay too Fly).
  • Had to honor David Bowie (Let's Dance) given there is one more month at his exhibit at the Brooklyn MuseumFashion was too obvious not to include (ha).
  • Tory Lanez (B.I.D) and Nick Minaj (Chun-Li) blessed us with tracks this spring that should stay on turntables throughout the summer.
  • Speaking of summer, couldn't forget those summertime trop house vibes (Rebel YellShadows of Love).
  • I Don't Love You is our blatant appeal to Cruel Youth for more music...a concert...something...anything. We are fans. 
  • Finally, a tribute to Tim Berg (Seek Bromance) - your music will live on like the memories you created for thousands of people at the parties you spun. 

Are we missing out on your favorite? Have music you want to share? Email us at


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